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It’s smarter to travel in groups!

Thu, 2016-09-08 16:32 -- toursadmn


It’s easy, It’s safe, It is a great value, It’s a lot of fun . . .

It’s smarter to travel in groups!

Easy: Oh yes, very easy. We will plan everything. No need to drive, worry about gas, parking or traffic. What could be easier than that? Just pack your bags, show up at the departure location and leave the rest to us. It’s that easy!

Great Value: Getting things like transportation, attraction admission, event tickets, hotels and more at group rates makes everything a great value. Visiting a location that   that has “Groups Only” attractions are PRICELESS! Example: “Back Stretch Breakfast” at the Kentucky Derby or “Lighting the Falls” at Niagara Falls.

Fun: Travel is fun! Kincaid Tours gives you the opportunity to travel with friends or make new friends along the way on our tours. Some people travel once a year when they are on vacation from work. For others, travel may be a tour of a lifetime. For the lucky ones, they get to travel the world enjoying their retirement years.  One thing they all have in common is they like well organized tours that are just down right fun!

Safe: Traveling in a group is always safer than traveling alone. It’s always better to venture to new places with the company of others.


Ready for a good laugh?

We can tell you all day why we think it’s smarter to travel in groups but see for yourself in this humorous commercial. The Belgian Bus Company De Lijn was promoting why you should take the bus. A novel approach to motivate people to use public transit, but you’ll see how it applies to any type of “Group Travel”.

Click the YouTube Link:

It’s smarter to travel in groups!

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